Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time, I've been busy with end of term stuff and doing college work. So I thought I'd give a quick update on my hair and new products I'm using and so on.
I finally got my hair relaxed about 2 weeks ago, well on the 17Th which makes a 6month stretch. I really don't know how it happens its not really on purpose; I had plaits (braids) in from September to the beginning of December because its just easier for college.
So here are the results of my relaxer sorry about the photo my camera broke and this is the most recent photo of me. Oh and here's one of me just before my relaxer at 6months post, argh! new growth!
I washed my hair a week before my relaxer and my hair was on fire! I was really scared about how it would come out so i rinsed it out early and in fact it came out under processed :( so next time i'll be waiting longer than a week after washing...
Apart from that I'm quite happy with my hair at the moment- no major problems, just waiting for length now... which i guess is the hardest part :(

New Products and some old ones :)

Hair One for dry hair- really good i definitely recommend!
Aussie Mega (for clarifying)

Conditioner Moist:
Aussie 3min miracle
Motions after shampoo

Conditioner Protein:
ApHogee 2min recon
1 egg+olive oil+honey
(I'm planing to buy mane and tail for my new protein conditioner)

Leave in:
Africa's best Hair mayonnaise

Heat protector:
Tresemme heat defence

Hair mayonnaise (my leave in- it makes a really good moisturiser)
Oil mix- coconut and avocado oil to seal
mane and tail detangling spray- amazing!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things that you have in ur kitchen that you can put in ur hair!

Haha I couldn't think of a better title
-oh and on ur face too!

These are some of the things I have in my house that I use if I'm running low on a product or just for a change:
Olive oil- Continued use promotes glossy, shiny and soft hair (extra virgin is the best)
Egg- Great for doing protein treatments, mix it with other ingredients to take away the smell or add more conditioning benefits
Mayonnaise- Can be used with egg as a conditioning treatment
Baking Soda- Can be used as a clarifier to remove build up from products
Natural Yogurt- Can also be used as a conditioner, Its best to mix with something- honey is a good product to mix it with. This mix can also go on your face as a moisturising face mask
Avocado- known to give shiny and soft hair
Bananas- Are apparently good for reducing hair loss and is generally good for dry and greasy hair

Try mixing your own concoctions and just see how it goes- I like to do egg, olive oil and honey mix together mostly

Quick tip:
Don't go under a dryer or rise ur hair with very hot water when using egg else you may end up with a bit of cooked egg in ur hair and that would be gross.... :)

Friday, 16 October 2009


Its been too long since my last post, I've just been really busy back at college now so I'm working super hard. As for my hair.. I put it in Braids just before I went back (Sept) so that I didn't have to worry about my hair and will be taking them out in about two weeks. I'm going on holiday two time in November Switzerland and Gambia- which I am soooo excited about; so I will be redoing my hair before i go. This means that I wont be relaxing until late December or the beginning of January which is a 6month stretch again! lol
oh and this is a photo of me a few days after a got my hair braided :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hair update

I'm so confused right now, my hair is breaking still, well it stopped for a bit when I started using aphogee and now its breaking again and its not even just the ends i think its breaking off at the new growth. So I think I will get a relaxer but I'm supposed to relax every 4months (well my hair dresser advises me to because my hair is thin), and its only coming up to 11weeks. My only other options are to just leave my hair, get it braided or weaved but if I weave it i still need a relaxer! argh!
At the moment I'm swaying towards getting a relaxer because its the cheapest and I need a hair cut. I usually use dark and lovely no-lye kids relaxer but I've been thinking about switching to a lye relaxer and I have noo clue which one to go for, maybe elasta QP no base? hmmm?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Henna again

So the postage to the UK is not working out for me! lol, my local BSS does sell henna but I read some stuff online about beauty store leaving henna on the shelfs for too long and it being off but the lady assured me that she uses the same henna in her hair, so i bought some in store.
I found this video on henna by Nunna, she made a gloss so there was less colour, i'm going to follow this recipe because i'm not to bothered about colour- my hair colours itself... lol I just want the benifits of henna :)
To suit me I have changes my recipe to:
Conditioner- DPR-11 -add untill thick
Amla oil instead of powder

OK some time later!:
Well this is waaayy later I went on a short holiday,
anyway I did my henna I didnt really dye my hair but I did notice a change in texture after. And my mum said my hair looked blacker even though I used red henna?. I mixed just henna and water the night before then the next morning I added my Elasta DPR-11 and 1tbsp of amla oil (I think this is a henna gloss by the way) I tried to get the mix quite thick but it was just runny. I applied it to my hair in four sections making sure it was all coated.

Then I put my shower cap on and left it on for about 2 and 1/2 hours. And when I washed it out with just water first then I used my new bottle of tresseme to co-wash it out.

End result:
I guess it does look quite red but my hair is brown so I dont know if its because of that. I will be doing another henna but a full/proper one because I really want to dye my hair this time, something new. I do need another trim, but i think i'll just wait till my next relaxer. This is such a late post because I couldnt get the photos on :) I actually did my henna
early August!

Summer hair?

Now I don't have a clue whats happened to the weather over here but there is absolutely NO SUN! I'm so sad because I love the sun, so I guess I wont really be changing up my usual routine too much. Yesterday I went to watch X factor- which was really good and had to queue for 2 and a half hours and it poured down it was practically a rain storm and all I could think was OMGosh my hair! which actually held up quite well in the rain after i brushed it out.

Some new products:

Well my dark and lovely kids shampoo is almost up now and I've been looking for a sulfate free one i can use to replace it and I've found the Elasta QP creme shampoo and I pretty sure it doesn't have any sulfates in. So I'm going to buy that on my next stock up along with the DPR-11 deep conditioner that goes with it. Then I thought since I'm on the Elasta QP line I thought I might at well use the leave in as well.
Oh and I was in Boots the other day and I found this great range from boots where they use natural products- well its not totally natural. I bought the honey and Jojoba hair mask to try- its basically a deep conditioner and it was sooo good the texture is a bit like a cross between hair gel and cream so that was the only weird thing. It smells really good and you only need to leave it on for 5mins and it left my hair really moisturised.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Argh! Breakage!

Well over the past few days I started to notice lots of breakage, it was getting crazy- i think i could have cried. But then I remembered reading lots of good stuff about ApHogee products- lots of the ladies on Hairlista said that their breakage stopped after a few uses of the 2min reconstructor, so I ran out to the shop and bought the 2min reconstructor to use on my next wash it was about £5.50 i think. So on my wash day, I shampooed as usual then got out my 2min recon and applied a generous amount from roots to tips. After covering with a plastic cap for 5 mins I washed it out then applied my HE hello hydration as a deep conditioner with some coconut oil. Since my wash day, I've seen much less breakage, it has definitely left me with stronger hair and less breakage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's experiencing lots of breakage, And I'll keep you up-to-date on my ApHogee love:)

Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm going to do a henna treatment soon because I really want stronger hair and I've read that Henna is really good for strengthening your hair. I'm going to order mine from mehandi because they do the proper natural henna, I'm gonna get the body art quality because i heard its best for black hair. Apparently if you do a natural henna (the normal red one) it only give a reddish tint to black hair which i don't mind. My hairs a bit of a crazy light black with high lights of dirty brown but this goes brown all over in summer- so i can't wait to see what colour it will come out. Also i need to find a good henna recipe, please let me know if you have one :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Braid out

I did a braid out the other day and it came out quite well because it normally doesn't curl well when i do it on dry hair. But my braid outs are more like twist outs; this time i did it after co-washing and applying my leave-in's so my hair was still damp. I parted my hair in two and did a cornrow on each side but with two stands more like a twist.

(sorry, I had to put the flash on because it wouldn't show other wise)

These are the results:

I think I might start doing twist outs after co-washes because it worked so well. woo!
Next i want to try curling my hair with flexi rods because i saw some result pics on hairslista that looked really good.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hair pics

I promised photos of my hair since i got it relaxed so here they are:

I think it's about mid neck length, my aim is to get shoulder length by the end of the year- hopefully i'll make it, i hav'nt really had much breakage since I started to properly look after my hair.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tried and tested

On my wash day, I did my first pre poo and i must say that i loved it! I was going to prepoo with amla oil but i put some in the day before so i didnt want to have a Amla oil overload; so i used my herbal essenses hello hydration conditioner (i put a few drops of olive oil into this) and my coconut oil. My hair felt great after so soft, great slip and shine.
I have also now tried the scarf method which is really good -i think its best when you have plenty of new growth cos the scarf flattens it. Oh and I co washed it was good because my hair was getting a bit too oily. I use my sample pack of aussie moist to DC and after all that my hair felt great.
The only thing i want to try now is curly my hair by doing bantu knots or a braid out.

Friday, 12 June 2009

My Regimen

Well this is what I've been doing so far:
On Sundays:
Shampoo with beautiful beginnings kids moisturising shampoo
Condition with doo grow mega thick or Africa's best Hair mayonnaise
Towel hair hair but not completely
Apply leave in hair mayo
Blow dry hair with the straightening bit on the end (HB Castor oil on scalp once a week)

Soft and pretty Gro healthy olive oil cream
Coconut oil

I normally blow dry but I'm gonna try the Scarf method that i read on Hairlicious minimising heat, I'm also going to start pre-pooing with my amla oil and I also bought a sample pack of Aussie moist 3min reconstructor so i will be trying that but I'm not sure if I'll need to deep condition as well- hmmm. Oh, co-washing I'm still not sure about this so I'll try it out, I bought some HE hello hydration to co wash with. So I'll be reporting back on how its going with my new additions.

Monday, 8 June 2009


Well i finally took out my hair this weekend, when i took it out I realised just how much regrowth there was. I could just about part my hair so I decided to get my hair relaxed- texturizing my hair wasn't doing much to it so I went back to my relaxer. I'm really surprised at how long i lasted because the last time i relaxed was in Oct 2008 so that's a 8month stretch! lol. Its actually grown quite a bit since my big chop in Oct so I'm well pleased i am now officially neck length! I dont have a photo yet but i will add one later.
Since my last post I've bought Hollywood Beauty Castor oil which is really good and smells great but it doesn't feel like i'm oiling my scalp because of the texture but we'll see how it goes with that. Oh, and i got Hair Mayonnaise leave in conditioner for Africa's best but I havnt tried it yet.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


I really unsure. i don't know if i should take my hair out and finally start my journey or leave it in for a few more weeks. I've had my hair in plaits for about 1 month and 2 weeks, I normally keep my hair for 2months or longer but my hair is just really messy- and it does help that everyones been telling that my hairstyle is great and it really suits me. And besides i haven't relaxed since October 2008 (lol) So i don't know what my hair's gonna look like, which means I'll definitely have to go for a steam and I am quite over due for a relaxer. On a better note, I am controlling my product junkie-ness i haven't bought any products for a week! loool

Thursday, 28 May 2009

back tracked

Well I've gotten a bit back tracked, I still haven taken my hair out of my plaits yet; because my aim was to keep my hair for at least two months and i've just pasted one. So i've deceied to read up on every thing i need to know before I start this hair journey. I've been surfing on http://hairlista.ning.com/ And they have some great tips on what to do and products to invest in. I've already had my chop for this half of the year so I think i'll skip that step. Also I'm adding to my products I want to try list:
-Nexxus Humectress and Aloe rid
-Mane and Tail Conditioner (I've hear sooo much about this conditioner it must be good- but the horse thing???)
-Elasta QP Mango butter

Also lots of people are talking about pre poos (lol) so i'm trying to find something that i can use as a pre poo. Oh and I got some coconut oil so i'll be testing that out a bit later.

Finally! Some pics of me; my big chop in October- which was followed up by a quick trim in april and my current hair.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Plan

I've decided to go on a little hair mission, i don't know how long it will take but I want to achieve thicker, longer and lovely lovely looking hair.
Yes I have a plan:
-Stretch my texturizer for as long as possible
-make sure I keep my hair moisturized and full of protein
-Use other blogs for advise and tips
-Stock up on some new hair products to add to my collection
-Wash hair more often for a cleaner scalp
-Go for regular steams
-Make sure i wrap my hair at night with a silk scarf

Currently i have my hair in extensions but I plan to take them out and just wear my own hair out. I will go for a steam to get my hair nice and soft again and start from there!

Products I'm currently using:
-Dark and lovely kids shampoo and con
-Dark and lovely kids detangaling spray
-Motions oil spray
-Gro healthy Olive oil
-Avon anti dandruff shampoo ( for moments of dandruff)

Stuff i want to buy n try:
-Burts bees pre-poo
-mixing my own oils
-Nexxus Humectress
-some Philip Kingsley products