Thursday, 28 May 2009

back tracked

Well I've gotten a bit back tracked, I still haven taken my hair out of my plaits yet; because my aim was to keep my hair for at least two months and i've just pasted one. So i've deceied to read up on every thing i need to know before I start this hair journey. I've been surfing on And they have some great tips on what to do and products to invest in. I've already had my chop for this half of the year so I think i'll skip that step. Also I'm adding to my products I want to try list:
-Nexxus Humectress and Aloe rid
-Mane and Tail Conditioner (I've hear sooo much about this conditioner it must be good- but the horse thing???)
-Elasta QP Mango butter

Also lots of people are talking about pre poos (lol) so i'm trying to find something that i can use as a pre poo. Oh and I got some coconut oil so i'll be testing that out a bit later.

Finally! Some pics of me; my big chop in October- which was followed up by a quick trim in april and my current hair.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Plan

I've decided to go on a little hair mission, i don't know how long it will take but I want to achieve thicker, longer and lovely lovely looking hair.
Yes I have a plan:
-Stretch my texturizer for as long as possible
-make sure I keep my hair moisturized and full of protein
-Use other blogs for advise and tips
-Stock up on some new hair products to add to my collection
-Wash hair more often for a cleaner scalp
-Go for regular steams
-Make sure i wrap my hair at night with a silk scarf

Currently i have my hair in extensions but I plan to take them out and just wear my own hair out. I will go for a steam to get my hair nice and soft again and start from there!

Products I'm currently using:
-Dark and lovely kids shampoo and con
-Dark and lovely kids detangaling spray
-Motions oil spray
-Gro healthy Olive oil
-Avon anti dandruff shampoo ( for moments of dandruff)

Stuff i want to buy n try:
-Burts bees pre-poo
-mixing my own oils
-Nexxus Humectress
-some Philip Kingsley products