Friday, 26 June 2009

Braid out

I did a braid out the other day and it came out quite well because it normally doesn't curl well when i do it on dry hair. But my braid outs are more like twist outs; this time i did it after co-washing and applying my leave-in's so my hair was still damp. I parted my hair in two and did a cornrow on each side but with two stands more like a twist.

(sorry, I had to put the flash on because it wouldn't show other wise)

These are the results:

I think I might start doing twist outs after co-washes because it worked so well. woo!
Next i want to try curling my hair with flexi rods because i saw some result pics on hairslista that looked really good.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hair pics

I promised photos of my hair since i got it relaxed so here they are:

I think it's about mid neck length, my aim is to get shoulder length by the end of the year- hopefully i'll make it, i hav'nt really had much breakage since I started to properly look after my hair.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tried and tested

On my wash day, I did my first pre poo and i must say that i loved it! I was going to prepoo with amla oil but i put some in the day before so i didnt want to have a Amla oil overload; so i used my herbal essenses hello hydration conditioner (i put a few drops of olive oil into this) and my coconut oil. My hair felt great after so soft, great slip and shine.
I have also now tried the scarf method which is really good -i think its best when you have plenty of new growth cos the scarf flattens it. Oh and I co washed it was good because my hair was getting a bit too oily. I use my sample pack of aussie moist to DC and after all that my hair felt great.
The only thing i want to try now is curly my hair by doing bantu knots or a braid out.

Friday, 12 June 2009

My Regimen

Well this is what I've been doing so far:
On Sundays:
Shampoo with beautiful beginnings kids moisturising shampoo
Condition with doo grow mega thick or Africa's best Hair mayonnaise
Towel hair hair but not completely
Apply leave in hair mayo
Blow dry hair with the straightening bit on the end (HB Castor oil on scalp once a week)

Soft and pretty Gro healthy olive oil cream
Coconut oil

I normally blow dry but I'm gonna try the Scarf method that i read on Hairlicious minimising heat, I'm also going to start pre-pooing with my amla oil and I also bought a sample pack of Aussie moist 3min reconstructor so i will be trying that but I'm not sure if I'll need to deep condition as well- hmmm. Oh, co-washing I'm still not sure about this so I'll try it out, I bought some HE hello hydration to co wash with. So I'll be reporting back on how its going with my new additions.

Monday, 8 June 2009


Well i finally took out my hair this weekend, when i took it out I realised just how much regrowth there was. I could just about part my hair so I decided to get my hair relaxed- texturizing my hair wasn't doing much to it so I went back to my relaxer. I'm really surprised at how long i lasted because the last time i relaxed was in Oct 2008 so that's a 8month stretch! lol. Its actually grown quite a bit since my big chop in Oct so I'm well pleased i am now officially neck length! I dont have a photo yet but i will add one later.
Since my last post I've bought Hollywood Beauty Castor oil which is really good and smells great but it doesn't feel like i'm oiling my scalp because of the texture but we'll see how it goes with that. Oh, and i got Hair Mayonnaise leave in conditioner for Africa's best but I havnt tried it yet.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


I really unsure. i don't know if i should take my hair out and finally start my journey or leave it in for a few more weeks. I've had my hair in plaits for about 1 month and 2 weeks, I normally keep my hair for 2months or longer but my hair is just really messy- and it does help that everyones been telling that my hairstyle is great and it really suits me. And besides i haven't relaxed since October 2008 (lol) So i don't know what my hair's gonna look like, which means I'll definitely have to go for a steam and I am quite over due for a relaxer. On a better note, I am controlling my product junkie-ness i haven't bought any products for a week! loool