Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things that you have in ur kitchen that you can put in ur hair!

Haha I couldn't think of a better title
-oh and on ur face too!

These are some of the things I have in my house that I use if I'm running low on a product or just for a change:
Olive oil- Continued use promotes glossy, shiny and soft hair (extra virgin is the best)
Egg- Great for doing protein treatments, mix it with other ingredients to take away the smell or add more conditioning benefits
Mayonnaise- Can be used with egg as a conditioning treatment
Baking Soda- Can be used as a clarifier to remove build up from products
Natural Yogurt- Can also be used as a conditioner, Its best to mix with something- honey is a good product to mix it with. This mix can also go on your face as a moisturising face mask
Avocado- known to give shiny and soft hair
Bananas- Are apparently good for reducing hair loss and is generally good for dry and greasy hair

Try mixing your own concoctions and just see how it goes- I like to do egg, olive oil and honey mix together mostly

Quick tip:
Don't go under a dryer or rise ur hair with very hot water when using egg else you may end up with a bit of cooked egg in ur hair and that would be gross.... :)