Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time, I've been busy with end of term stuff and doing college work. So I thought I'd give a quick update on my hair and new products I'm using and so on.
I finally got my hair relaxed about 2 weeks ago, well on the 17Th which makes a 6month stretch. I really don't know how it happens its not really on purpose; I had plaits (braids) in from September to the beginning of December because its just easier for college.
So here are the results of my relaxer sorry about the photo my camera broke and this is the most recent photo of me. Oh and here's one of me just before my relaxer at 6months post, argh! new growth!
I washed my hair a week before my relaxer and my hair was on fire! I was really scared about how it would come out so i rinsed it out early and in fact it came out under processed :( so next time i'll be waiting longer than a week after washing...
Apart from that I'm quite happy with my hair at the moment- no major problems, just waiting for length now... which i guess is the hardest part :(

New Products and some old ones :)

Hair One for dry hair- really good i definitely recommend!
Aussie Mega (for clarifying)

Conditioner Moist:
Aussie 3min miracle
Motions after shampoo

Conditioner Protein:
ApHogee 2min recon
1 egg+olive oil+honey
(I'm planing to buy mane and tail for my new protein conditioner)

Leave in:
Africa's best Hair mayonnaise

Heat protector:
Tresemme heat defence

Hair mayonnaise (my leave in- it makes a really good moisturiser)
Oil mix- coconut and avocado oil to seal
mane and tail detangling spray- amazing!