Friday, 21 May 2010

a little update

Thought I'd give a hair and general update :)

I'm 5months into my transition to natural! wooo! Currently I've got my hair in braids, I put them in the second week of April and I think I'll be taking them out some time in June. The only thing is I may get tempted to relax my hair which I really don't want. Or I'll straighten it which my damage my new growth. I really don't think I can handle short hair so I think even if I do chop, I'll keep braiding my hair until its at a length I feel comfortable with. Oh and the photo is my current hair style and I had fake eyelashes on :)

Got my A-level exams next month and one next week so wish me luck peoples :) but once there over I be free to do what ever I want! Looool

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

a bit of lovin..

music I'm loving at the moment...
Drake- Find your love...

Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name...

I think I just love this one for the vid really, he is too hot ;)
Really love these guys right now