Friday, 11 June 2010

almost 6 months post!

On 17th of June I will be 6months post relaxer! woop! I've just taken out my braids which was a bit of a disaster since I 'decided' not to comb out my hair dry! what a mistake. Anyway the lesson is, dont attempt to wash your hair if it still has knots in :(

Now my camera is still broken so I can't really take any pics apart from on my laptop which come out really dark :( so hopefully i'll get it fixed and i'll put some new pics up soon.

I dont wanna talk too quickly or anything, but my hair is doing well so far, not much breakage, its not really dry. The only thing now is finding styles hat blend both textures cos im really trying to avoid straightening my hair.

I've got three exams left untill I COMPLETELY finish 6th form! Can't wait!


Hershley's Sweet Kiss Message! said...

Hey you are one month ahead of me!!! lol im 5 months post! i had a sew in weave for a while...i just took it im rocking twist outs now.

The best way to detangling our hair for could be to put some leave in/ detangling add some water in a spray bottle. And comb though with a wide tooth comb.

Maybe we can work together and do this natural think check out my regimen:

Louise said...

Oh coool, thanks for the tip i'll try it next wash cos i still have some knots in my hair :(
Yeah we should, how long are you thinking of transitioning for? I cant decided but I dont think i suit shorter than ear length hair. I'll post my regimen once I sort one out. I love the shine, its awesome and you get ur hair bone straight! I'm gonna have to try it :)

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