Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Everything + NERD!!!!!

YES YES YES! N.E.R.D was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
I had such a great night! I will add in the photos as soon as my friend sends them to me! (i'll pop them below) OH! Pharrell is soooooo HOT! and he really does have a beautiful voice! I love every single moment. And me and my friend both got to be interviewed about NERD :D

Hair... Well my hair did kinda flop on the night but I kind of expected it to as there was soo much jumping around and it was sooooo hot.

Hmmm i considering doing a henna tomorrow, yup think i will I'll mix it tonight and apply it tomorrow but not for long as i have to watch England play in the world cup!!!! wooo come on England! Lol back to henna, I think I do about 50 to 100g mixed with hot water and about two table spoons of amla oil, I'm gonna have to look up some recipes them come back to you with my final plan + results

I plan to alternate between flat twist outs and straight hair untill I get my hair re-braided

Lou x


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